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Batteries Revisited (2)

Battery case closed

The T&D Hunslet can now run independently of the power and control wagon used to house two large 6 volt SLAs. When using the on-board 10v supply the loco gives adequate running speeds and pulling power. Full motor speed and power would require an 18v. supply.

When closed, the battery compartments make little impact on the loco's overall appearance. Far less so than having a power wagon in tow.

The Hunslet is back on track with its new power pack.

My next loco project will be to re-engineer the insides of the F501 Walker diesel. The changes will include 12 on-board 2500mAH NiMH cells providing 15v for the 7 pole Buhler motor and MAC5 controller. More on that very soon...

Battery case

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