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Batteries Revisited (1)


These AA sized NiMH cells are for high consumption digital cameras. They can also power certain, but sadly not all, RC model locos. Low consumption MAC5s seem fine, but another controller I have drains cells almost immediately. Those pictured are rated 2350mAH and can be fast charged. They are of course much lighter than SLAs, and multiple cells can be arranged for best use of on-board space.

Eight cells in series provide 10v on board power. 12 cells give 15 volts. Each cell is 1.25 volts (not 1.5). The resulting power pack drives the Buhler motor & MAC5 in my Hunslet for around 2 hours stop/start operating.

I fitted two battery compartments to the T&D Hunslet beneath the cab floor. Each compartment has a battery holder for four 2350 mAH cells. I made a cover from aluminium sheet and fitted a slide on/off switch.

The compartments and cover are held in placed by one centre nut. They have been flipped over to show all eight cells wired in series to give 10v. The PVC tape is to ensure any protruding rivets do not short on the aluminium cover. The batteries can be removed easily for charging, and a replacement set swapped over.

Battery case open

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