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F501: Livery & Detailing (2)

Photo: F500-46.jpg (16K)

The air horns were cut from the middles of (Parker type) ball-pen refills. The exhaust pipes are 6 mm diameter aluminium tube with slices taken from the next size up of tube to form "strapping" for the fixing brackets. Both the "strapping" and the pipes were drilled through to take two 10 BA threads screwed into two nuts glued to the inside of the pipe, enabling each pipe to be bolted on to the cab front.

I've glazed the windows with clear acrylic sheet recycled from DIY centre packaging. A quick and easy way to fix the glazing is to use double sided sellotape on the insides of the window frames. It also allows the glazing to be removed if required for repainting.

Photo: F500-42.jpg (27K)

The backgrounds to these shots are a little over exposed because it was a very bright sunny day and I took the photographs in a shaded area to get fairly accurate reproduction of the livery colour. Pictures taken in very bright direct sunshine with my aged camera would have needed a lot of retouching.

Another advantage of constructing in aluminium - the body panels took the spray paint exceptionally well with relatively little preparation. The countersunk bolt heads in the chassis and beams are now barely noticeable.

Photo: F500-44.jpg (24K)

On this test run I just sat mesmorised watching the F501 run continuously round the lower level line until the cell was drained! Cell endurance for continuous running hauling four cattle wagons at a scale speed of 20 mph proved to be just short of one hour. I keep charged a second identical cell off the locomotive.

I may have taken a slight liberty with the brass grab rails. In certain photographs of the prototype they appear to be black. There's lots of work still to be done including the running lamp bulbs, headlamps, steps, filler caps, radiator badges, bogie coil springs and horizontal grab rails along each side of the engine housings.

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