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F501: Engine Housing (3)

Photo: F500-36.jpg (24.6K)

The rear bulkheads inside each of the two engine compartments have now been tidied and formed to their final shape. We're ready for a trial fitting of the door panels....

I cut 16 separate 53mm x 32.5mm doors from .032" sheet and fixed them, in line, in sets of four to cross members made from .064" aluminium to form four removable side panels. When each panel is in position, the cross member sits on the lower angle frame of the engine compartment. Two clips (one at each end) formed from 0.032" aluminium will pinch the lower frame to hold each panel in place with no means of fixing visible from the exterior of the loco.

Photo: F500-37.jpg (22.9K)

The side panels were completed by addition of narrow (12.5mm wide) plain front edge strips, two of which were drilled and filed to make a 30 deg. angled hole through both the panel and cross member for two filler pipes which I guess were for water or other coolant for the engine radiators. Another filler pipe (for fuel?) was located under the cab door.

A sandwich of two layers of 0.32" aluminium sheet fixed behind the door cutouts provides recessed back plates for the door louvres.

Photo: F500-40.jpg (15.2K)

My first attempt at the louvres. They were always going to be a problem. The prototype had 10 slats in each panel making 160 in all. I considered several possible solutions.

In the end, I cut individual slats from strips of 0.064" aluminium and rounded the front edges of each slat with a flat needle file. A card guide was marked out with parallel lines to assist even spacing. The slats were glued to the back plates with general purpose Bostik which has proved useful for aluminium detailing. The rough bandsaw cut remaining to the back edges of the slats gave a good key for successful adhesion.

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