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F501: Engine Housing (2)

Photo: F500-31.jpg (15K)

Did I say the chassis slots and engine louvres were the most difficult parts...?

The top cover of the engine housing is .032" aluminium sheet cut 12 mm. narrower at the front than at the rear. To cut the sides of the cover, the sheet was firmly taped at the reverse angle onto a rectangle of thick card. Then by moving the edge of the card against the band saw cutting guide the desired angle along the aluminium work piece could be achieved.

Pictured also are two wooden formers I made to help bend the aluminium into the required shape. 15cm lengths of 13mm dowel and 25 mm broom handle were cut in half longitudinally. Then one of the halves was nailed and glued to a 15cm block to enable clamping in a vice with the sheet to be formed.

Photo: F500-33.jpg (20K)

Amazing! They fit.

(Well... actually these two covers were my third and fourth attempts.)

Because the curves are along the angle of the tapered shape, the engine housing covers cannot be cut to their finshed lengths until shaping and bending has been completed. Once the desired curved profile had been achieved, the engine cover was firmly taped to thick card to assist trimming of straight front and rear edges using the band saw cutting guide.

Photo: F500-34.jpg (13K)

I cheated here just a little by resorting to wood instead of aluminium. The wooden cross pieces have been shaped to match the profile of the aluminium cover. They have been glued across the inside of the covers to provide mounting points for four 10BA bolts glued in position to protrude downward. The bolts align with four holes drilled in the top rails of the engine housing angle frames

The 10 BA bolts enable the engine covers to be located precisely and firmly in position on the locomotive without the need to tighten nuts to keep them in place. The engine covers can be removed easily to gain access to wiring and mechanical parts.

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