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F501: Engine Housing (1)

Photo: F500-30.jpg (23K)

The engine housing frames have front and rear bulkheads cut from .064" aluminium sheet. A rectangular section has been cut out from the front corresponding to the position of the grille. Each bulkhead has an aluminium angle cross piece bolted across its inner face at 57mm high measured from the chassis. Each end of the angle cross piece is drilled to provide a 6BA bolt-through mounting point for upper side frames, which are also formed from aluminium angle and follow the taper of the bottom locating guides.

Photo: F500-29.jpg (22K)

The upper side frames will provide alignment and fixing points for the curved top body panels, and for the top edges of the side body panels.

The front grilles are formed from .032" sheet fixed to the bulkhead with 10BA bolts and nuts. I drilled 2mm holes in a diagonal pattern (a nightmare to align) to achieve the perforated effect. The holes are slightly overscale at 2mm. as I aimed to capture the general effect rather than reproduce the precise number of holes.

Triangular chassis sections have also been added behind each edge of the buffer beams.

Photo: F500-28.jpg (27K)

I've finally worked out how to model the door louvres in aluminium - and this is the reason for the slightly untidy square cut outs in each edge of the rear bulkhead. More on that in pages to follow!

Meanwhile, it's a gloriously bright and clear December morning and I couldn't resist getting out into the garden for another test run. This image shows how the model has already begun to inherit the uncompromising (some might even say ugly!) appearance of the full sized F501.

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