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F501: Bogie Frames

Photo: F500-1jpg (14K)

I started by cutting bogie frame sides and top pivot plates from .064" aluminium sheet. Aluminium gives a light, but very rigid construction. The frames were bolted together using standard R202 brass square-section spacers from Roundhouse and 12mm aluminium angle from the local DIY store. All sheet metal cutting was done using a bandsaw with a cutting guide consisting of a wooden strip g-clamped to the bandsaw table at the required distance from the blade. I find this is the best way to get a straight cut.

Details such as axle springs will be added later. The first objective is a viable rolling chassis.

Photo: F500-2.jpg (15K)

Nothing very exciting to photograph just yet, but I couldn't resist the urge to get an early impression of the overall size of the completed model. When finished, the F501 will be around 39 cms long.

The bogies can be dismantled and the frame sides bolted directly together without the spacers to help precise alignment when drilling holes for the axle bearings.


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