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Steam Up Area Garden Rebuild (8K) Garage Line (8K)
2004-2006 Series:
42. More Steam Up Area [2]
43. Flora Tub Wagon! [3]
44. Batteries Revisited [2]
45. Lady Jane Gets R/C! [5]
46. Garage Line Extended! [3]
47. Padiham event 2006 [6]
2003 Series [& Pages]:
38. Garden Rebuild Series [11]
39. Track Reconstruction [3]
40. Life in the pond [2]
41. Steam Up Area [4]
2002 Pages:
34. Garage Line Scenery (4)
35. Exhibition
36. Track Renovation (1)
37. Track Renovation (2)
Building F501 (8K) F501 On Duty (8K) Weigela Junction (11.3K)
2001 Pages:
29. Hunslet 2-6-0
30. Power & Control Van
31. Garage Line Scenery (1)
32. Garage Line Scenery (2)
33. Garage Line Scenery (3)
2000 Pages:
23. F501 Joins the WCR Roster
24. F501 Early Evening Goods
25. Adding a Tender
26. RC for Lady Sarah (1)
27. RC for Lady Sarah (2)
28. RC for Lady Sarah (3)
1999 Pages

1998 Pages
1997 Pages
1996 Pages
Construction: Elevated Line

015 T&D 5T Pepsi the Springer Spaniel Corpex
Irish preservation:
Help save CIE locomotive 015 to New Ross
Irish preservation:
Tralee & Dingle Railway and Hunslet 5T
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On Track in the Garden: Construction and development of two 16mmm scale narrow gauge model railways. Live steam railway with radio control locomotives in the garden. And battery powered steam and diesel outline locomotives on my garage line exhibition railway, also with radio control. Narrow gauge locomotive construction from aluminium. Construction of a 16mm scale model of the Walker Diesel F500 from the West Clare Railway in Ireland. Developing a 16mm scale narrow gauge model railway in the garden in Burnley, England. A 16mm scale live steam narrow gauge model railway as a part of the garden. Converting a manual Roundhouse Lady Anne 16mm scale live steam model railway locomotive to radio control. Making a railway wagon from a Flora margarine tub.
Pepsi's Pages: The life and times of Pepsi our English Springer Spaniel rescue dog.